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Birthday Train Strong Man will dress every birthday table nicely, and is useable for every ages. There is a strong man in the lead, a blue rose, a rabbit, a baseball and a grammofon. You put the wagons in which order you like. In the box you will also find candleholders and numbers. After this there will be no birthday without the train on the table.

Measurements: Length 69 cm

Fabric content: 100% stone material

Cleaning instructions
Clean with a damp cloth (max. 30 degrees C). Do not use any chemicals

Please note
Not suitable for kids under 3 years old.
Remove all packaging before use.
Please burn within sight and keep away from kids, pets, flammable materials and blow out 1 cm above the top of the candleholder and be careful of hot wax after candle is extinguished.
The birthday train is NOT a toy and can be used for decoration ONLY.

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