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The history of H10

Tempo 3

The history of H10

We all have something in common, we are passionate about a vibrant downtown and that’s why we want to be a part of the preservation and constant development of Sweden’s most beautiful world heritage site.

We are a part of the merchant association ‘Visby Centrum’ and we participate in all common activities. Our goal and ambition is to be in constant motion, coming up with new ideas and escapades!

We want, as our guest, give you, a great dose of inspiration and energy!

Here is a little bit about the history of the house.


Tempo opening

After a reconstruction of the medieval house at Hästgatan 10 the department store Tempo opens. The upper floors are being converted into housing.



The municipality archive moves in

Tempo moves out and the premises are being renovated to accommodate the municipal archive.



New owner

The house changes owner when it is purchased by ‘Kastalen Fastighets AB’.



The municipal archive moves out

The municipal archive moves out and the premises are being rebuilt in order to once again accommodate business operations.



Grand opening

The department store H10 opens. It consists of four different stores with everything from kitchen-ware to furniture, clothes and chocolate as well as a café which offers the best coffee in town.



A house with activities

After a, as usual, hectic summer a number of activities are organized during the autumn. Flea markets on weekends, charity collaborations with, among others the Breast cancer Fund, a vintage pop-up store, autumn market and much more.



H10 Market opens

A new clothing store, H10 Market, opens in April. Besides H10 Market, the house now consists of the furniture store G.A.D, Bertholdsson & Holm that sells everything from kitchen-ware to stationary, the office Rent a Desk and the café H10 Bar & Café.



10 year anniversary

The beloved house celebrates 10 well-earned years with pomp and splendor. And the mission, to become one of Visby’s most well-attended meeting points, has been achieved for several years.

In September the house changes owner when it is purchased by Paul ‘Dino’ Larsson. Together with the shops and café owners he is going to keep up the good work.


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